African Continent


Field worker - Africa Contact: Joy Butler

Newsletters for Africa and Papua New Guinea are sent out regularly. View the latest newsletters by selecting from the drop down menu below.


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Democratic Republic of Congo Contact:

Mrs Laurentine Mbe Ndala Kitenge

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Egypt Contact:

Dr Maha Asham

Read WCTU news in Egypt

ghana flag   Ghana:
ivory coast   Ivory Coast:
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Kenya Contact:

Mrs Florence Onsando

(See below for photos)

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Nigeria Contact:

Ms Juliet O. Onongha


Senegal Contact:

Yang Jin Kim

(Website of school where contact is based)

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Sierra Leone Contact:

Ms Cynthia Clarkson

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South Africa Contacts:

Ms. Cathy Achilles -



Tanzania Contact:

Mrs Grace Mi Kyung Lee

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Zimbabwe Contact:

Professor Elisa Masuku