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Guatemala Contacts:

Dr. Dora Judith Coloma de Barrientos (Field Worker):

Mrs Emilio de Coloma (President)



Dr Dora Coloma de Barrientos states:
"Everyday represents a struggle for the staff at Fundacion Debora to provide urgent needs for the needy and suffering inhabitants, who live in marginal areas.
How can a baby who is suffering from extreme malnutrition ask for help, or a single mother find the skills to look for the opportunity that will provide her with a decent salary?
At the Fundacion Debora, we are listening to their cries, but every day is a struggle to complete Christís task. We have been forced to create or categorize the so badly needed help into increased cases of child abuse, physical and psychological violence, malnutrition and emergency relief for families who have lost a loved one, through a violent act. Currently we are collecting data and taking service about this very important concern in Central America."

Fundacion Debora needs sponsors who will assist in their wonderful project.

Read their report to see what work is being done.

Read Report of World President's visit to Guatemala in 2015

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Argentina Contact:

Mrs Nydia Pets

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Brazil Contact:

Ms Luvercy Ferreira