90+ Honor Roll

A number of women have served faithfully in our organization over the years - some in prominent ways and others in more humble capacities. We honor the following women who continue to inspire us and show us what a faithful servant of the Lord is like. If you have women in your country who are still living and above 90 years of age and have served in the work of WCTU over the years, please contact the webmaster, through our website form and she will be in touch with you regarding your submission.

"100 & Counting!"

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enid webster


Mrs Enid Webster
(January, 1921)
WCTU - NSW, Australia
Betty Atkins
(October, 1922)
WCTU - Pennsylvania, USA
no photo ragnhild no photo
Mrs Elva Tout
(January, 1925)
WCTU - Victoria, Australia
Ragnhild Haaland
(January, 1927)
WCTU - Norway
Mrs Nell Loosemore
(May, 1928)
WCTU - Victoria, Australia
no photo no photo doris christy
Rev. June Ballard
(January, 1929)
WCTU - Nebraska, USA
Mrs Cleo Kulish
(October, 1929)
WCTU - North Dakota, USA
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Mrs Doris Christy
(Jan, 1930)
WCTU - West Virginia, USA
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Mrs Shirley Mill
(Aug, 1930)
WCTU - Victoria, Australia
Hjordis Sorbo
WCTU - Norway