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World Officers Elected at 2019 Convention - Helsinki, Finland

Important Information

PLEASE NOTE: WCTU does not give money to individuals. Please contact the leaders in your country if you are asked for money by someone saying they need help with funding as hoax callers have been contacting WCTU persons with deceptive claims. DO NOT RESPOND to these requests.

See News page for reports!


The WCTU is a non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit organization.
("Woman’s" in the organization name means each individual woman makes a commitment to total abstinence.)


The WCTU in the United States was founded in 1874.
The vision of Frances Willard led her to form the World WCTU in 1883.
The first world convention was held in Boston (USA) in 1891.
The WWCTU is the oldest continuing, nonsectarian woman’s organization in the world. Read more.....

Memberships & Requirements

Little White Ribboners: 0 - 5 years
Children: 6 -12 years
Youth: 13+ & young adults
Women - WWCTU
Men - Honorary/associates
A pledge of total abstinence is to be signed and annual dues paid.


“I promise, with God’s help, to abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and all other harmful drugs.”


The white ribbon bow symbolizes purity. Members are often known as “white ribboners.”
The membership pin is worn over the heart.


"For God and Home and Every Land"

Noontide Prayer

Members pray each day during their noontime, which means there is a continuous circle of prayer occuring daily around the world.